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Bissinger milk & dark

You will automatically receive a free Bissinger’s 100-Calorie chocolate bar for every 2 items purchased. Order 4 items, receive 2 bars. Order 6 items, receive 3 bars.


About The Free Gift – Bessinger’s 100-Calorie Chocolate Bar

Decadent and delicious, these 100 Calorie bars are supremely satisfying and a smart choice for a health-conscious lifestyle. Rich and creamy chocolate is crafted with the finest all-natural chocolate and is Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

About Bissinger’s


To Bissinger’s, using ingredients in their purest form is imperative for the healthfulness and quality of both our consumer and our delicious, legendary chocolate. We have a 100% commitment to ingredients that have not been altered by additives or chemicals at any time in their production process.


From the moment the chocolate arrives in our kitchens, to the time it is shipped to your door, our confections are stirred, poured, cut, striped, packed and wrapped by hand. The preparation methods used in our kitchens is knowledge passed down through generations of chocolatiers. Everyone in Bissinger’s kitchens takes extreme pride in their work, making each and every piece a truly artisan creation.


In 2010, Bissinger’s introduced the Rainforest Collection, which is highly esteemed for its exceptional taste and health-friendly, earth-friendly ingredients. This line is made with cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, helping to conserve biodiversity and improve the well-being of farmers, their families and our planet.

The Rainforest Alliance promotes respect and concern for natural environments, wildlife, farm families and
local communities.