About Us



A seamless comfort product offered across America and loved by women of all sizes and from all walks of life, suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. The lone survivors were painstakingly nursed to old age by adoring fans. It was a desperate situation!

But, a couple of women who wore Lovepats, were determined to keep the comfort alive! Knowing a little about the underwear business, they decided to acquire the name, find the factories and bring the comfort back to life.

Equally determined consumers searched and searched and eventually found the product they were missing. Thank goodness for the arrival of easy internet access and search engines.

This is the story of an almost extinct product’s consumer driven comeback. In 2012, Lovepats was rebranded as Body Force Brands, which offers new and improved products that bring comfort to all.

Women who have worn the underwear for over 30 years, combined with new fans just discovering the joy of total comfort, have helped to rejuvenate and drive Body Force Brands to where it is today.

There is much work to be done and the hardworking women at Body Force Brands are continually inspired by the outpouring of compliments and thanks from consumers.

“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”  Coco Chanel